martes, 18 de octubre de 2022

Monday at Washington State Zoo and Farewell

Today we took a trip to the National Zoo of Washington D.C.. This zoo was huge and we could enjoy seeing animals such as otters, elephants, pandas, turtles, crocodiles and lots more. 

After that we came back to school by bus and stayed there till we had farewell dinner at Jasmine’s house. The food was incredible, from Mamma Lucia's restaurant, and we played different types of games such as card games. It was a very good last day and we had lots of fun... People are so kind!! 

We are sad because we are leaving, but we are taking this unforgettable experience with us and waiting for our friends to some to Barcelona soon....

Pol C. and Pol O.

domingo, 16 de octubre de 2022

Sunday with families

 As yestersay , some of  us  have  been in New York while others were staying in Maryland.

I woke up  and I  had breakfast . I did the check out and I took the metro to go to the one World Trade Center and also the 11/9 Memorial . Once I finished visiting them I walked through Wall Street . Then I took a boat to go to the Liberty Statue , I went to the top of it so I could see Brooklyn bridge. Later I went to see the Empire State Building and I had dinner in a restaurant near it. Finally I did the last purchases and I came back to Maryland . 

It was an incredible and unbelievable day !


Saturday with families

There was no school today so everyone did different things. Most of us went to New York and others stayed here, in Maryland.

I woke up and I went to Georgetown with my host partner. 
Georgetown is a beautiful little part of  Washington DC known for the colleges located there. We walked around and entered  some shops, and, by 5:30 we left. After that we  had dinner in a Japanese restaurant  where they cook  right in front of you. You can see how the chef cooks all your food and does impressive  tricks with ... Was such fun!!!
It was an amazing day with plenty of emotions.
Ready for the next one!


sábado, 15 de octubre de 2022

Visiting the Monuments in DC and the Potomac Great Falls

Today we had an amzing day it was very interesting , we went to washington DC and we saw some of  the most important monuments like the White House, The Monument, World War II Memorial and the Lincoln Monument then we got on the bus and went to the Great Falls of Potomac which were beautiful.

After that long day we went back to the school to reunite with our partners and go to Olney .

Then we got ready to watch the football match against Gonzaga  and it was amazing , they won and we had a great time, we really enjoyed it.


viernes, 14 de octubre de 2022

Thursday at the Smithsonian Museums

Today, the exchange students went to DC to visit some of the amazing Museums downtown. They are called Smithsonian, and we started with the Natural History Museum where, at the entrance, there is a very big elephant!!

This museum was so interesting and funny, we saw and learned a lot of amazing things: mammals, minerals, the Hope diamond, the mummies, an exhibition about the evolution of Humans, etc.

The second Museum we visited was American History Museum. There was an interesting exhibition about Latin people in the USA and, in this 2nd one we also had VR zones to get fun.
It was a really great day!!!


jueves, 13 de octubre de 2022

A day around...

Today Wednesday we went to Tyson’s Corner Mall while our hosts took the PSAT tests.

In the Mall we were able to buy clothes, books, food, iced drinks and more. It was quite big and some of us got lost when we had to go back to school by bus...
When we got back to school we had lunch and played a USA vs Spain soccer game on the basketball court.
During the afternoon we were with our hosts, some of us went to see a hockey game, others went to see a scary movie at the cinema, some of us prepared the decoration for Halloween...
It was a really funny day!

miércoles, 12 de octubre de 2022

First day at school

Today it's been Tuesday and it has been our first day in the school. First we had an school tour and it was amazing, the school was really big. After that, we had breakfast and we took some classes with our partners.

Then we had lunch and, later,  we took the last class. The classes are so diferent compared with Spain.
When school was finished, some of us went to watch a soccer match and we also went to a typical place to eat, it was "Chic fil a" and I ordered a chicken sandwich, it was really yummy. 
Finally we went back to school and my partner and me went home to rest and sleep.  It's been an unforgettable day!!