martes, 4 de diciembre de 2018


Goodbye, America!

We finally made it to Spain, after more than 18 hours in airports and planes. 
We touched down in Barcelona at 8:40 am and our parents and families came to meet us. We were all so excited to see them again, but we will also miss our exchange students a lot!
Overall, the trip was great and, as far as I know, all of us had a lot of fun.
We went to Washington DC twice and visited Baltimore as well (its aquarium was amazing).
Some of us even went to see New York on Saturday, and we definitely had a blast there.
Food wise, it was great and delicious but at the same time no too healthy at all.
In conclusion, the exchange was an incredible experience, and we’ll never forget it, we are all waiting for our exchange students to come over to Spain and hopefully have as much fun as we had there!

Simon Shafrazyan

lunes, 3 de diciembre de 2018


Greetings! After a touching goodbye and giving our most thankful thoughts to our partners and host families, we’re currently in Dulles Airport, Virginia. We’ve spent 7 hours at the airport because our flight was delayed, but it doesn’t matter, it’s worth it! 

Why are you adviced to get such an exchange program? During these days we’ve met amazing people with whom we’ve shared a different way of life that we aren’t used to. For instance, we’ve visited nice places such as Washington, Baltimore, Maryland and NYC. We’ve also improved our English and learnt how to interacT with people from another cultures. 

It has been an unforgettable experience and we’re really looking forward to meeting our partners again in just 2 months! We’re excited to show them Barcelona and make them feel as good as we’ve felt in their country. 

Judith Torres and Sandra Salvatella :)


Today has been the day we all spent with our exchange families. Some of the Spanish students have visted New York but, in my case, I’ve stayed in Maryland. My day has started at 10 a.m. (I really needed to sleep) with some pancakes and coffee. I wanted to buy some candy so my exchange mom has taken me to Target, I’ve bought lots of reese’s and bagels.
We also have gone shopping for fifth time and I’ve just finished all my shopping, finally!
When we have arrived home we’ve made some Christmas cookies and meanwhile we’ve been listening to Spanish music, so my partner Jenna can learn Spanish in a cool way.
My day has ended with a movie at the cinema, it was a Disney film and I really loved it although Jenna didn’t like it neither her brother.
Making the suitcase was a drama cause I had too much clothes and it didn’t close.

Maria Valls

Finishing this amazing experience in the United States of America, today me, Judith and our partners went to New York on our last day!

Before starting the trip, we made a sleepover all 4 together, because the next day we had to wake up so early. We all saw a film and ate junk food! Then, after the sleepover and starting the day, all the family of my partner, Judith and Judith’s partner took different transports: car, train and subway, to go to New York. Inside the city we visited different beautiful places, such as Times Square, Statue of Liberty, The Met, Central Park, Chinatown, where we had dinner in a delicious Italian restaurant in Little Italy. The most amazing place for me was Times Square. It was incredible, with all the different lights and shops. The only bad aspect of it, was that there were lots of people walking to different places. Also Central Park was so beautiful and we walked thought it. Finally, now we are going home and we all are so tired.

In conclusion, I can say that this has been the most exciting end for this amazing and unique trip to USA!

Núria Cabellos

sábado, 1 de diciembre de 2018


Today we went to school with our partners. At the school store, we bought jumpers and t-shirts of the school. Mrs. Fess also gave us some Good Counsel bags.
The school is really big an a difFerence with our school is that the duration of the classes is about 1:15 hour. 
Then we went to dinner for my partners' birthday. The resturant was called Skydome Resturant. It was on top of a hotel and the floor slowly rotated to see the beautiful view of Washington D.C. 
Later, we went to an American party with all the students to celebrate some birthdays. 
Today was a funny day but we are a little sad because there are only 2 days left to retaurn to Barcelona.

Abril Hernández

jueves, 29 de noviembre de 2018


Today we went to Washinghton D.C, the capital, to visit the Smithsonian museums. We went to the Air and Space museum and the Indian Ameriacan museum. We saw many large planes and spaceships at the air and space. Our favorite part was when we got to go into a spaceship. Also, at the Indian  American museum we saw traditional indian clothes that were very pretty. We then walked around and got lunch at Mc Donald's.
In the afternoon, we stayed at school while our partners were rehearsing for an audition. Then, we went to Raquel's partner's house and stayed for a time where we enjoyed a lot talking, explaining jokes to each other, jumping on the mat and of course eating pizza all together.

Hugo Fernández and Ramon Ventura

miércoles, 28 de noviembre de 2018


Today all of the exchange have gone to the Baltimore Aquarium with the American people. First we saw all the aquarium with those big sharks, then we went to see the coloured fishes and the dolphins.
Also we saw jelly fishes and some of us (included me) touched them! The texture was so gelatin and weird, but it was very exciting!
At the end we had a walk in the aquarium’s shop.

When the aquarium visit was finished all of us went to a Mexican fast food restaurant and we ate burritos. 

Then we got on the school bus again and returned to the school. Some of the girls went to poms practise of our partners and we enjoyed a lot their performance Bécquer. They can jump very high and the coordination and the rhythm were extraordinary!

A few hours later all of the persons in the exchange (included Conxita and Dani) went to a theatre to see a Christmas play called Elf. The actors sang and danced very well. The best part for me was the tap number, and I loved the play because the story was very beautiful and cute!

Júlia Latorre

martes, 27 de noviembre de 2018


Today we went on a school bus to Washington DC to visit some famous monuments. First, we saw the Arlington Cemetery, we learned that its tombs hold many soldiers who passed away, also that it is very big but they are running out of space and will need to expand in the future. After that we visited the tomb of the unknown soldier, which was looked after by a guard. Next we went to the Jefferson monument and took many pictures. The last monument we saw was the Lincoln monument it was very huge. Then we went to see the Korean Memorial and, the last activity we did in DC was getting lunch at Union  train station. The whole day was extremely fun and we took so many good pictures. After DC, most of us went to the mall and did a lot of shopping. On the way home, Abril’s partner accidentally drove the wrong way and we ended up an hour away in Virginia!! It was very funny and we are all enjoying being here in the US very much.

Raquel González